This is a prototype of the game ZiberBugs - upcoming Play to Earn NFT Autobattler. The prototype is - unlike the future game - an offline, share-the-screen type game where you act for both players on the same screen.

You play the game by taking turns to position bugs on the battlefield. The most strategic placements determine the outcome of the battle. The match is played on a Best of 8 rounds with a possible 9th Tiebreaker round.

There are many game elements that will display a description if you click them. To display information about the bugs, click on the UI elements on the side.

The prototype has been under development since July of 2022 and will be further developed into the real game, featuring Blockchain integration, Online Play, Ranked Ladder, Guilds (Hives), Co-op Raids, Breeding and more.

This prototype is NOT feature-complete. Many important gameplay elements such as Audio, Genetic Boosters and Adaptive Synergy bonuses are coming soon. The prototype features 6 battle bugs, but there will be many more to come, and each will have its own unique set of genes, determining its bonus stats and abilities among a large variety.


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